Shot, A Poem by Chris Russell

The syringe seems to scream out of its needled Proboscis as it approaches your arm, so terrified children are of this little guy some will gnash and scratch and destroy the windows to avoid being in the same room with one. If you listen closely, you can always hear one buzzing in the air around […]

Tortellini Face, A Poem by Chris Russell

Whenever I see someone walking a dog down the street my face turns into a Tortellini and I start to feel like I’m 9 again and about to protect an insecure kid from being punched in the back by a future crack addict bully on the playground. I think this might have something to do […]

The True Wife, A Poem by Chris Russell

My family would sit in the living room on Thanksgiving when I was 12. We’d stare out the windows and occasionally smile at each other awkwardly, in between stuffing our faces with shrimp, nuts and the usual turkey fixings. Some of us would sit with our legs crossed and hold a drink, other turkeys would […]

I’ll Lay Back, A Poem by Chris Russell

When I think I want to be a kind of soul released from my body of suffering into the air between airs, one who’s floating over a great river beyond Time’s so-called beginnings and endings, always in a constant state of play, curiosity, and letting go within a morning mist that’s hiding trout that rise […]


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Chris Russell holds an MFA in Writing from Vermont College of Fine Arts and lives and works in Concord, New Hampshire. He is a recipient of the Book Prize in English from Plymouth State University, and his poems have been featured in The Cafe Review and Mouse Tales Press, among others. While known for being realistic, kind, funny and practical, he’s been seen playing a video a game or two, and strumming a guitar while singing some nonsense. Primarily, he divides his time between writing and assisting Concord public schools with children who have special needs. He enjoys eating.

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