I used to ride my bike through the woods and straight up

the capital steps in the easiest gear, just to feel like I could

shortcut anything, and still get to where

I needed to go, and we all know where that is.

The bus I take to work and back now, seems surprisingly fast

considering the fact that it has to

follow the same route every day, even when the traffic is

backed up, and in fact, it may not be

faster than the cars, but it seems to get to where it needs to go fastest.

Parking the car must be what makes everybody late.

Now, I always walk to the store. There’s a bit of water

I pass on the way down to it, and some spiders to look at,

even if it’s only for a millisecond, and there’s plenty

of car windows to look through when I get sick of looking

at artificial things and stuff, and time travel happens each time

I move through time, so there’s no way I ever can

go slow. Never going anywhere is why I’ll always arrive before early.

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