“Maybe tomorrow we can probe some of his trials and put our heads together,” Birdy said. “What do you mean by probe, exactly?” I said. “Like investigate for holes in their reasoning,” he said. “Like detectives?” I said. “No, like poets,” he said. “So, how does a poet investigate, exactly?” I said. “You’re curious about what poets can do, I can tell,” he said. “I wouldn’t call it curious, but skeptical,” I said. “Not much to put your faith in there, is there?” He said. “Nope, not much at all,” I said. “What’s the point of even trying to figure something out?” He said. “You got me,” I said. “So why don’t we just go jump off a bridge, then?” He said. “Just walk right down the road and take a 100 foot dip?” I said. “Headfirst into the shallow bits,” he said. “Heck, why go to the bridge? I saw a house with some pretty high scaffolding on the way into work this morning,” I said. “Three stories?” He said. “Two, but they’re high ones,” I said. “What’s the ground like underneath?” He said. “It’s mostly grass, but I think I saw a walkway,” I said. “Is it reachable?” he said. “One can’t be sure,” I said. “Boy, this chaos business is more difficult than I thought,” he said. “It’s a bitch,” I said. “Everything is difficult,” he said. “Even simplicity is a labyrinth,” I said. “Making whoopy with the minotaur.” “I’d just run over the top of the damn thing,” he said. “Climb yourself right up there and have a look see?” I said. “Spiderman eat your heart out,” he said. “If only he could,” I said.  “Nothing more real than a regular human being missing the bottom of the net,” he said. “It’s comforting to know we won’t be lifting off into space any time soon,” I said. “One of the perks of being bound by the laws of gravity,” he said. “Feel like hopping on a plane?” I said. “Just get up and go? Leave it all behind?” He said. “We’d be back for supper tomorrow,” I said. “If we’re never going anywhere we haven’t already been, why not just stay put, and go catatonic where we stand?” He said. “Just stop everything?” I said. “We have to stop sometime don’t we?” He said. “Now’s a good a time as any,” I said. “Life has already happened.” “So what do we do first?” He said. “Thinking the same thing, actually,” I said. “We’re on the same wavelength,” he said. “You’re noticing a parallel. Isn’t that what poets do?” I said. “You’re eager to learn,” he said. “Oh yes, I’m about ready to pop with impatience,” I said. “The night you lost your virginity?” He said. “All over the place,” I said. “Nothing but the night sky, and the stars,” he said.

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