The walls were ignoring each other again, and I was ignoring them too. I was just a sad and frightened boy. The band had left me behind, and in my final hours, bushes and things were talking to me and befriending me. “Any last requests?” A bush said. “I could really use a drink of water,” I said. “Get him a drink of water,” it said. This is what it was like. Starving to death and dehydration were only part of the initiation. There was hallucinating to consider, as well as visions. Every day I was dying, and this day was no different. I looked up at the sky, and winked to God, and I like to think he winked back. An angel left a sign across the sky in the shape of a whale, another in the shape of the Toys “R” Us giraffe. I felt so lucky to know the clouds. The whale was afraid to acknowledge me. Something about me frightened it. But that sometimes happens in love. As for the Toys “R” Us giraffe, it was definitely developmentally and socially challenged, and seemed to be responding to stimuli in ways that were socially inappropriate. At one point it started masturbating and looking down at me for approval. “Do what you will,” I said. It just went on laughing. We were in the middle of a zombie apocalypse, which means everybody was looking for their mother.

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