Heart sat upon the seat inside the carriage, and beat. It looked out the window. “Oliver, what do you make of these woods,” Heart said. “I’m not sure what you mean sir,” Oliver said. “Do they look hostile to you, Oliver? Heart said. “I don’t think so, sir,” Oliver said. “Well that’s fine then. I’m going to explode now okay?” Heart said. “Okay, sir,” Oliver said. Heart exploded tiny ant size children, each one all the colors of the rainbow. Oliver began to cry. “That’s just wonderful, sir,” Oliver said. “Why, thank you,” Heart said. “Shall we fly now, sir,” Oliver said. “Well, why not,” Oliver said. Oliver suddenly split open down the middle, and inside his rib cage an angel was sleeping. “Okay, sir, we’re ready.” They drove off a cliff and died. But the tiny ant size children came to the edge of the cliff and looked down. Each one cried. But the tears were so small nobody noticed. “Let’s go guys,” one said. “Do you realize how long it’s going to take to get into town,” another said. A robin ate one. “Holy crap, that thing just ate one of us!” One said. “Everyone run toward it, quick!” “No freaking way,” one said. “You got to be shitting me,” one said. “Are you a crack baby?” One said. While all this was going on what was left of Heart crawled through the blueberry bushes. Oliver’s skeleton scaled the cliff and jumped into the swarm of tiny children. “Get them!” The trees said, grinding his bones into powder. “Stop! That’s my friend!” Heart said. The children picked up his ash fragments and ran them into the woods where the trees could not follow. They ran Oliver onto a beach and mixed him in with the sand. “They’ll never beat him again, Heart, don’t you worry,” they said. “Thanks,” said Heart, which was when all the tiny children jumped inside Heart and sewed it up from the inside with black thread that’s supposed to dissolve over time. Heart jumped straight up into the air, and chewed its way into God’s chest. God jumped out of the universe and dove headfirst into Emptiness. Then Emptiness jumped out of itself and landed in Rainbow. “I want a Big Mac,” Rainbow said. “No need to crave,” said Big Mac. “I’m going to do some deep breathing until you get here,” said the rainbow.

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