Walking down the hallway at work I noticed someone had left a ladder leaning against the wall, so I decided to kick it. I gave it a little push. It needed to get smacked around a little. One of my colleagues saw me trying to joust it into the wall by the front office. “Don’t come any closer, or you’re as good as this ladder,” I said. My reactive attachment behaviors were starting to really kick in. “What if I step like an inch in your direction,” she said. “As long as I don’t notice you should be all right,” I said. “What happens if you think I’ve taken a step closer when I really haven’t? Are your eyes really that reliable?” She said. “I never thought of that,” I said. She got all high and mighty. “Why don’t we put the ladder down, and take a walk,” she said. “That might be the best idea I’ve ever heard,” I said. Blaire walked up to me. “Why are you talking to a ladder?” she said. It was going to be a long day.