Walls Can’t Talk or Think

“What’s wrong with this picture?” I asked the wall opposite my writing desk. There’s got to be something you can say, I told it. Why am I even still here? I went on.

But the wall didn’t seem particularly interested in being anything other than a non-speaking and non-thinking wall, and coming off edgy wasn’t helping.

I’d thought some of us had honed the ability to take personification too far and somehow make more logical sense because of our deep trust in it. But maybe I was mistaken. So being the empathic genius that I am, I thought

I’d try acting like the wall in hopes I would learn how to understand it.

I didn’t learn how to. Except that’s just like a wall! I thought. You’ve become like a wall, I told myself. Continue to enact it, I repeated to myself, over and over.

But walls can’t talk or think, so upon realizing this I became very silent, and stood frozen, unable to find the will to speak. That’s how I knew I’d done it. You did it, I said. You finally became like a wall, and all before 7AM!

And so, with the day’s hard work done, I walked into the kitchen for another cup of coffee, knowing in my deepest heart that because of my Nobel-worthy, monumentally important masterwork of reverse-projection and empathy within the system of humanity, the world could now more easily transcend ordinary, waking consciousness in its always-right, always-real and always-revolving desire to shine some light on how the me is a kind of eternity.

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