Ugly Should Be Put Into Gated Communities and Allowed to Flower Lopsidedly

I’m not sure I should have cut my hair last night. It was mine I’m pretty sure, so, I probably should like it.

Now it’s in the trash buried under coffee grounds and is good as forgotten, my bald scalp a reminder that beauty fades, as they say,

though if I were to amend that saying I would probably say it isn’t beauty that does, but our elasticity and symmetry, since you can be ugly as sin and still be beautiful, a relationship nobody realizes for sure.

If you want to know what I think there should be a place in every town where ugly wins, where facial warts and skin tags get names and are fed caviar and truffle,

and I know, wouldn’t it be great, where that pesky back fat you can no longer find your butt underneath is kissed all hours of the night with tongue.

Ugly should be put into gated communities and allowed to flower lopsidedly by neglect into shitake mushroom-headed creatures one can be in awe of until of course you start to show signs of it yourself,

at which time it’s time to just cut it off and think of the ugly as something you were on your way to becoming yourself, but with help from forces unseen, were able to make peace with and even offer a job to, so kind you became with the help of the ugly.

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