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Thinking about the photo on my wall of my grandparents standing in their backyard on Rundlett Street, my grandmother wearing me on her arm like a sling, I remember reaching under the pantyhose-looking blueberry netting in their backyard, and picking the biggest berries I could find, some the size of a rubber bouncy ball, others […]

Cocker Spaniel

An unwitting participant in a dog-training regimen this morning, there I was, my nose to the pavement and going about my daily, when a stranger and her cocker spaniel decided to make me a bipedal version of a rambunctious doggie playdate. They stood still in the middle of the street, waiting for me to approach […]


If I’d known years ago that that feeling of uselessness inside me that often accompanies me sitting in the quiet of my recliner where I know no one can see me, was really that same feeling I’d experienced as a child when I knew no one did, each time You did nothing after you-know-who hurt […]


I was having difficulty turning my head. The doctor said it was because I pinched a nerve in my neck in the night. I tried massaging it, which helped a little. Then I applied a heating pad to it. Still, I could not turn my head. A couple of weeks went by. My face started […]


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Chris Russell holds a Master of Fine Arts in Writing from Vermont College of Fine Arts and lives and works in Concord, New Hampshire. For upwards of 17 years he’s worked in Concord and nearby Penacook public schools assisting with children who have special needs.

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