I used to ride my bike through the woods and straight up the capital steps in the easiest gear, just to feel like I could shortcut anything, and still get to where I needed to go, and we all know where that is. The bus I take to work and back now, seems surprisingly fast… Continue reading Bike


When I think about the sparrow who keeps coming to my window to have what appears to be a chat with yours truly, though it’s more likely making a nest in a bush near my balcony and telling its partner in its own bird way to pay no mind to the big one that can’t… Continue reading Sparrow

Sperm Whale

I’ve glided above and beyond the waves of my life like a sea captain who refuses to return to land. Even when I could see myself like a sunset on the horizon, I could never quite reach myself in time to make me happen. The search for self was as slippery to me as the… Continue reading Sperm Whale