I used to ride my bike through the woods and straight up the capital steps in the easiest gear, just to feel like I could shortcut anything, and still get to where I needed to go, and we all know where that is. The bus I take to work and back now, seems surprisingly fast… Continue reading Bike


In certain cultures the weak are left behind in order to ensure the survival of the band, a sick boy welcomes the flies, a man thinks of how alone he is in the shade of a tree that’s calling all the lions, the stubborn child in the belly of a pregnant woman refuses to budge,… Continue reading Band


Betty said “It’s really an all-time low for the clinic.” The administration was panicked and trying to fill holes. Add the fact that patients are meaner around the holidays and it was the perfect tinderbox. “It’s tough right now,” I said. “I don’t know what’s happening. I think I almost just had a panic attack,”… Continue reading Fliers

Coral Reefs

I told a coworker off the other day by reminding them that inverting interpretation is something I’ve always found a kind of joy in. I went on to say that I think this is because what’s often real and true needs to be broken and taped and without a frame first in order to get… Continue reading Coral Reefs