When I was one of those kids teachers talk about after everybody’s left for the day, digging in the dirt was the only thing that made me feel clean enough to inhabit. So there I was, in the grasses behind our back yard, with just my feet sticking out of the earth my cupped little… Continue reading Dirt


I can’t seem to stop falling asleep on a raft of pure emotion and pulling myself out by the hairs of my unconscious, just before my conscious mind, a quarter mile off shore, loses grip of me completely. If you happen to see me, you can find me in my favorite chair calling forth the… Continue reading Chickadees

Sperm Whale

I’ve glided above and beyond the waves of my life like a sea captain who refuses to return to land. Even when I could see myself like a sunset on the horizon, I could never quite reach myself in time to make me happen. The search for self was as slippery to me as the… Continue reading Sperm Whale