I get that I’m not always here now in the ways you’d like me to be, or even in the ways I’d like me to be. I’m still a kid lost in a dream of growing up and getting out, and maybe I’ll always be a kind of ghost. It’s just that now at 45,… Continue reading Ghost


The only thing I wanted to do was fall asleep. Not be sucked out by an undertow 1000 feet from shore. I looked down into the water and thought I saw a tentacle, it was too deep to know for sure, so, I tried not to think about it. Instead, I watched the surface for… Continue reading Anchors

School Bus

A giant lived on a broken down school bus in the woods by our house and the blue sky above was the inside of a head. I believed that a tornado could really carry you to a place like Oz if it was tight enough, and that there everything could be turned into something invaluable.… Continue reading School Bus

Lord Coconut

I’ve imagined you reading a book, your hand sleepy on your knee, and have gone into the depths of my mind to feel like I was that hand, but last time I did your hand changed into a spider and started playing hard to get. I tried turning on the charm, but every time I… Continue reading Lord Coconut


In certain cultures the weak are left behind in order to ensure the survival of the band, a sick boy welcomes the flies, a man thinks of how alone he is in the shade of a tree that’s calling all the lions, the stubborn child in the belly of a pregnant woman refuses to budge,… Continue reading Band


Despite my brain feeling like a pelican flapped my skull through it all night, I’m still telling myself what I’m feeling is residual worry to make up for the fact that lately, God’s not being natural in his love for me, not letting me follow my own path, or supporting my choice to follow it… Continue reading Pelican


My problem is that living is what interests me. Like, do these words I tumble, simply grind down versions of me into an indiscernible place where I can’t ever find myself counting on the light to crash on, or is it my duty as a human being, with language always in some part, revolving me… Continue reading Cracks


This morning all I’m thinking about is the ocean. Waves crash against the rocks in my head, and get drawn back out by a force I seem to be holding the hand of, and following into abstraction, like a child who follows a parent into a light it hasn’t learned to see around just yet.… Continue reading Ocean